The European Society for the study of Tourette Syndrome (ESSTS) aims to coordinate pan-European efforts for the study of Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome (TS) and associated disorders and provide a platform for European-wide outreach and educational activities. Our ultimate goals are:

  • to enhance understanding of the causes of TS;
  • to find effective treatment for TS;
  • to share good practice;
  • to stimulate European collaboration in research.

ESSTS was originally established in 2000 in Copenhagen by Prof. Mary Robertson and others. The inaugural meeting took place at UCL in 2001 and invited clinicians from around Europe assembled to share experience. The organization was reformed in 2008 at the Italian Neurological Society meeting in Bari, Italy. Since 2008, ESSTS has organised Annual European Meetings as well as multiple educational workshops for TS and training visits for young researchers and clinicians supported by funds from the European Commission (COST Action European Network for the Study of TS).

One of the major achievements of the Society has been the publication of best practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of TS. ESSTS has also been instrumental in gaining research support (10,000,000 euro over the past three years) for pan-European consortia, promising to shed light into the etiology of TS (EMTICS, TS-EUROTRAIN). ESSTS has also fostered the establishment of the European Tourette Day, celebrated each year on June 7, as well as a European-wide network of GTS support and advocacy groups. More than 250 scientists from 25 countries participate in the Society, working together towards the ultimate goal of improved therapies and quality of life for individuals with TS and their families.

Officers of ESSTS:
Renata Rizzo, MD, PhD, Chair
Kirsten Müller-Vahl, MD, Vice Chair
Zsanett Tarnok, PhD, Secretary
Pieter Hoekstra, MD, PhD, Treasurer
Peristera Paschou, PhD, Past Chair
Honorary President: Mary Robertson, MD

More: tourette-eu.org