Tourette Film Festival

The Tourette Film Festival will take place on 11 June 2016 in the Didactic Centre of Warsaw Medical University (Ks. Trojdena 2a St., 02-109 Warsaw). It is open to the public and anyone can submit a film. The admission is free of charge. The event will be held throughout the whole day.

We encourage professional and amateur filmmakers to submit their own productions to the competition.

About the Festival

Tourette Film Festival is a competition combined with a screening of short films concerning the Tourette syndrome. The films presented at the festival will introduce viewers to the problems of people suffering from this disease, depicting them in the individual and social context and focusing on the experiences of patients and the reactions of the environment. The mission of the festival is to promote knowledge about the Tourette syndrome and object to discrimination against people affected by this disorder. The festival will be international – besides the participants of the conference, also journalists from the BBC, Polish television, radio and newspapers are invited.

Requirements concerning submitted films

The language of the film should be English or Polish (in this case it is necessary to add subtitles in English). The film may take up to 15 minutes. We accept feature films, documentaries and animations – there are no restrictions as to the form of the movie. Each submitted film should contain the author’s consent, allowing for its presentation. The participants of the conference will choose the best productions that will be then awarded by the organisers.

Submit your film

We strongly encourage you to apply. Applications for the competition are now open and accepted until May 31, 2016. The application should contain the video and a completed application form, which can be downloaded from here.

Applications can be made:

  • electronically, by sending an e-mail entitled “Tourette Film Festival”, containing the completed form and the film in an electronic version (a link to download) to:
  • by traditional mail, by sending a completed and signed application form and the film placed in a physical medium (DVD or other storage device) to the organiser’s address: KARPENO, Czereśniowa 98, 00-456 Warszawa, Poland; with an annotation “Tourette Film Festival”.