Welcome letter

With great pleasure we would like to invite you to participate in the 9th European Conference on Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders (2016 ESSTS Annual Meeting) that will be held on 8-11 June 2016 at the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland.

Each year we learn to better understand the Tourette syndrome and each year we discover new solutions and methods of treatment that improve the patients' quality of life. The objective of this annual conference, organised by the European Society for the Study on Tourette Syndrome, is to provide the specialists from all around Europe with the opportunity for cooperation and enable them to exchange ideas and share their research experience. Ground-breaking findings in neurology, neurobiology, psychotherapy and pharmacology, which will be presented at the conference, may significantly contribute to further scientific advances. We strongly believe that thanks to such events we will be able to continue our research and together achieve milestones that used to be out of our reach.

We would like to invite scientists, researchers, health professionals, specialists, and governmental and non-governmental organisations to share their achievements at lectures, workshops and discussion panels.


European Society for the study of Tourette Syndrome
European Society for the Study
of Tourette Syndrome
Medical University of Warsaw
Medical University of Warsaw